Fruits are a rich sources of vitamins, minerals and fibers that are required in our bodies. But if we eat in the wrong way, we will not get the total benefits from fruits.

We should remember a few things while eating fruits.

● Do not eat fruits along with meal. Fruits are rich in fibers which will slowdown the processing of your foods. Digestion of meals takes time. So fruits with meal will disturb your digestive systems. Eat fruits at least 1 hour before your meal or 2hrs after the meal.

● Do not peel the skin of the fruits ( except banana, orange, mango, papaya like fruits). 50% of the vitamins, minerals and other essential plant nutrients are available in the skin which can prevent cancer, heart diseases and even dementia. Apple, sapota, guava like fruits should consume with skin to get full nutrients. Before eating wash thoroughly with clean water. Soak the fruits in a bowl of clean water with pinch of salt for 10/15 minutes to remove all infections and contaminations from skin.

● Do not drink your fruits but eat the whole fruits. Pulp, fiber, nutrients, micronutrients all lost when you juicing the fruits.

● Do not cut and store fruits refrigerator. Cut just before you consume. When you store after cutting it becomes oxidative and you will lost all the nutrients.

● Eat one fruit or a maximum of two fruits at a time. Don’t eat too much and too many types of fruits even if you love to eat fruits.

● Do not eat fruits after sunset. After sunset body temperature becomes cool comparatively. It may create your digestion problem and disturb your sleep.

● Eat local and seasonal fruits always. Do not think about which fruits are loaded with nutrients or not. If it is not avuailable locally then do not try and eat it.

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