Oats & Fruits Shake

Ingredients: 1 cup of milk

                         1 cup fresh fruits slices ( watermelon, grapes, pear, banana, mango)

Soak the Oats in milk ( overnight). Mix all the fresh fruits in it & topping with chocolate chips. Your breakfast is ready.

Banana, Mango & Apple Shake

Ingredients: 1 Apple ( slices)

                        1 Banana ( slices)

                        1 Mango ( slices)

                        1 small cup milk

In a blender put milk, banana & mango & mix well . Transfer the mixture into a glass & decorate with apple slices. Summer special shake is ready to serve.

Fruits, Nuts & Seeds Shake

Ingredients: 1 cup milk

                         1 mango, 1 banana (slices)

                         1 guava ( remove seeds)

                         Few grapes & few dates

                         1/2 spoon flaxseed, 1/2 chiaseeds, 

                         6 pc almonds, 6 pc cashew nuts

In a blender put all the ingredients & mix well. Transfer the mixture to a bowl & topping with few fresh fruits and nuts.

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