There is a strong link has been found between the development of cancer and weakened immune system. So its importanat to find ways of boosting immunity to fight against this life threatening disease. There are specific cancers that directly affect the immune system such as LEUKEMIA & LYMPHOMA.

Cancer cells are created from the body’s own cells. Immune system sometimes fails to recognize that it needs to attack them. Sometimes these cells are unnoticed. In some cases cancer cells may even switched off the body’s immune response , making sure that immune cells cannot attack them. This happens when cancer itself or the treatment affects the bone marrow. The blood cells are produced inside the bone marrow , so when it’s impacted by cancer or treatment ( radiation or chemotherapy) , produces fewer blood cells than usual. If the blood counts are low, our body cannot fight against infections properly.


Many evidence shows that plant based foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes & wholegrains are better able to resist cancer as they contain plenty of nutrients. This is because plant produce plant chemicals called phytochemicals that can protect the cells from being damaged. Plant based diets are in general lower in calories and this helps us to maintain a healthy body weight which reduces the risk of developing cancer.

Some of the foods you should add to your daily diet. This includes :

* Fruits such as citrus  fruits, berries, bananas, pears and pineapples

* Vegetables like spinach, brocolli, carrots , cauliflowers, tomatoes, peppers and asparagus

* Starch vegetables such as sweet potatoes, potatoes and butternut squash

* Wholegrains like brown rice, rolled oats, quinoa, pasta and barley.

* Healthy fats like olive oil, avocados and coconut oil

* Legumes like peas, lentils, chickpeas, blackbeans and peanuts

* Nuts, seeds and nut butters like cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds, tahini and natural peanut butter

* Plant based milk like almond , cashew or coconut milk

* Herbs , spices and seasonings like turmeric, salt, black pepper and basils

* Condiments like mustard , soy sauce, lemon juice, vinegar and  nutrional yeast

* Plant based protiens like tempeh and tofu

* Beverages like tea, coffee and water

Certain foods should be avoided . This includes :

* Fast foods

* Added sweets and sugars

* Refined grains

* Packaged foods

* Processed vegan and animal products

* Artificial sweeteners

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