Diabetes is a chronic disease that leads to too much sugar (or glucose ) in the blood.

Type 2 (most common)

* Your body doesn’t make or use insulin very well, causing high blood sugar

* Disease develop later in life

* High risk for developing diabetes if you are overweight, sedentary or if someone in your family had it.

Type 1 ( less common)

* Your body doesn’t make insulin causing high blood sugar

* Usually develop early in life

Insulin is a very important hormone that our body (pancreas) makes on demand and it pumps into our blood stream.

Normal person produce just the required amount of insulin at a time. But a diabetic person cann’t make insulin as much as body need. Type 1 and severe Type 2 diabetic person normally cann’t make insulin at all , so Dr called it insulin dependent diabetess.

In case of a normal person when blood sugar goes up after eating meal , body starts to produce insulin in response to high blood sugar level. Insulin moves the sugar from the blood to the cells. Then that sugar can be used as FAT ( if your body think that you have enough energy stored already) or it can be used as energy immediately.

When a person has diabetes , sugar cann’t move from blood to cells because of lack of insulin or may be insulin doesn’t work properly. So sugar stays in the blood rather than moved and used which cause high blood sugar.

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