Tapioca Pearl are small ,desiccated, translucent white balls. It is a type of starch extracted from tropical palms. It is a primary source of carb in some part of the World. It contains antioxidants & resistant starch. It is gluten free & a good substitute for wheat based flour. It can be purchased in two main forms – flour or pearls. It is a good source of carb & zinc but low in vitamins & minerals. Studies have found that it is high in polyphenol like tannins & flavonoids which are plant based compounds that function as antioxidants in our body. Polyphenol improves immunity, reduces inflammation & reduces risk of heart diseases.

Prep Time : 15 min

Difficuly Level : Very Easy


Sago ( Tapioca Pearl ) 200 gms

Milk 250 ml

Honey ( 2 Tablespoon)

Fruits as per your choice

I used Apple, Banana, Pomegranate, Grated Coconut, Black Grapes, Dates & Raisin.

We know each type of fruit brings its own unique set of nutrients & benefits . The key is to eat fruits of various colors as each color provides a different set of healthy nutrients.


Soak the Sago 6 to 8hrs ( or overnight) . Sago will be super soft & in double size after 8hrs . Wash it 2 to 4 times in cold water. Now in a big bowl put the washed sago. Add milk , honey & all the fruits . Mix well. And your SWEET SAGO is ready to serve.


  1. Love this! It’s very funny but this small ball types of tapioca pearls was boom back in 30 years ago in Japan, and now another boom came with huge tapioca version. I actually never tried small one but looks so tempting😍


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